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4 July, 2011 - 00:11

Slumber party

Top - Zaara : Deesha cropped shirt *mocha*
Pants - !Ohmai : Jersey Harem Pants [Yacht Club] (dollarbie!)
Shoes - +mocha+ : Felt Ballet Shoes [Blue] With Motif
Headband - [ bubble ] : Leo Bowie Headband (SLurl)
Hair - Kin : Yohkoh-black
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin
Eyes - Kis Kis : Tru Eyes . Green
Make-up - Kis Kis : Made-Up . Samba 01

Pose : estetica (SLurl)

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9 June, 2010 - 15:22

I have been drooling over this cute dress from {Zaara} for a while now. Unfortunately I'm not a big dress person and during winter it didn't seem right to wear something like this. So I didn't feel like having a good excuse to get it. But now the store has an annual sale and a Flickr contest going on and it's summer.

The competition is about creating an interesting look with using old and new products from {Zaara} and even if I say it myself, I think I succeeded on that very well. I based the look to the beautiful Fulvari dress and the funky Churidar slacks. To complete the outfit I used the big hair from booN and simple shoes from Surf Couture. I created the background using Grasses & Plants Brushes and Birds (Flying) Brushes by Obsidian Dawn and a part of a photo I took back in May.

The competition is about some fame and Lindens, but for me it's also something else: Even if I don't win, I know I rocked creating this pic. And at least I now have that dress and I look darn cute in it!


Dress - Zaara : Fulvari *Green*
Slacks - Zaara : Churidar slacks *white*

Shoes - [SC] Surf Couture - Spring Fling Wedges - Moss . Hair - booN : WAW635 hair blonde . Skin & eyes - NUT
Pose: don't freak out


1 June, 2010 - 18:50

Yesterday the talented and supercute Anya Ohmai posted these fabulous pictures on her Flickr Lookbook. Her style is something that I cannot compete with (nor I would even try) and I was blown away by the beautiful hair from booN.

I wanted that hair and I wanted it bad.So bad I left to hunt for it without even having time to put some shoes on. When I arrived the store I soon realized I was going to be broke. After trying some other awesome hairdos I took off with this pointy piece of art.


(Credits and more pictures after the break)

Soon I will go back and get some more, if for no other reason, then at least to be worn on the new NUT ads and vendor posters. Yes, I'm working on them and there will be (hopefully) soon a section on this site with pictures and details of all my designs. Meanwhile, enjoy my new, dark and rather posh look.


Top - PixelDolls : Lace Net Top . Rust
Pants - Zaara : Ishaya Velour slacks *espresso*
Scarf - [LeeZu!] : Miss Mara Scarf /ethno mauve
Shoes - TESLA : Marie *ChocolateCaramel* Heels
Skin - NUT : The Skin 01 - Back To Basics (not yet available)
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Chocolat
Hair - booN : ANT213 hair chocolate

Poses: Olive Juice


25 May, 2010 - 18:50

My friend and Starlustian neighbor Bella has released a new funky pose set. It's called Barrel of Poses and it's made of 7 prims (version without the flowers is 2 prims). It features 8 poses and one can adjust the positions and rotation of the poses.

To show you how cute the barrel is I put on something very simple. I still think the argyle socks from Pig are so very cute, so again I based my simple, summer inspired outfit on them.

Barrel of Poses

Top - !Ohmai : Gale Underlayer Set NUDESKIES
Shorts - Zaara : Mitya shorts *gold*
Socks - Pig : Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Gertrude S
Skin - NUT : The Skin 01 - Back To Basics (not yet available)
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Green Hazel
Hair - : Jasmine.2 - Moody Brown

Barrel of Poses: Olive Juice

Location: My home