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Tiny Bird

31 May, 2010 - 19:49

As you may have noticed, I haven't quite found the style of the pictures on this blog. In Second Life I found my style pretty fast. First I had all sorts of freebie clothes and hairs (some of them I later found out to be stolen goods). Their styles varied from sexy to trashy and I wasn't quite happy with them. Later I started to buy and make clothes and other quality designs and that is when I realized what's my style.

Therefore I am

(More pictures and credits in full text.)

My style, quite definitely, is very simple and casual. I like to use bright and bold colors, but I don't like them to clash. I also seem to like pretty cute outfits, girly and sort of sweet. And I love geeky and dorky looks with big glasses.

Therefore I am

Therefore I am

Therefore I am

Top - "anuenue. : RuffleLongshirts-White
Shorts - :: humming :: : buttonPants_Red
Socks - NUT : Knee High Socks (Berryborridge)
Shoes - [SC] Surf Couture : Boardwalkers (Unisex!) - Lagoon
Skin - NUT : Macadamia Pale - Blue
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Green Hazel
Hair - Tiny Bird : Breathe Me (A) - Brownie
Glasses - [ bubble ] : XL Dorky Glasses

Poses (from top): Olive Juice, don't freak out! (old Stumblebum exclusive), flowey, flowey


Foliage Swirls Brushes by Obsidian Dawn.

25 May, 2010 - 05:02

It's most certainly summer. Even if it's not as warm as it was last week, the summer is here. And schools are almost out for summer. Just the last couple of days and then all the kids are roaming everywhere. In a couple of days my RL alt is graduating from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences as Bachelor of Media or something like that. She's going on and on about it.

This outfit is a little homage to all the years of studying (and avoiding studying). It was mostly inspired by the new awesome socks from Pig. The awesome poses are from don't freak out! and they are available as a Stumblebum Brigade exclusive pack available only until this Friday. This is also a little sneak peak to the new line of skins I've been working on.

School's almost out

Top - Scribble : Lodge Sweater (White)
Shorts - Decoy : Stevens Shorts - Black
Socks - Pig : Argyle Sock M. Suspender - Flannery S
Shoes - TESLA - High Oxfords *Chocolate*
Skin - NUT : The Skin 01 - Back To Basics (not yet available)
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Green Hazel
Hair - Tiny Bird - Green Gloves - Dark Honey Blonde

Pose: don't freak out! (Stumblebum Brigade exclusive pack)

Location: Drowsy


29 April, 2010 - 23:42

Sometimes the inspiration just takes a vacation. And it gets really stubborn. It can be lured and persuaded, forced and threatened, or even tricked, but it doesn't just seem to want to come back. Maybe it's the way of the brain to tell: "I need a break." These inspirational blockages usually come along the times when I'm the most busy. When things in RL and things in SL get a little bit too hectic.

Even if it is really frustrating, the only way to make these moments better is to lean back and wait. Wait for the inspiration to come back on it's own.

Waiting for the inspiration

Dress - ::humming:: : TunicPants_gray
Leggings - !Ohmai : Basics Sheer Leggings ROYALHIGHNESS PK
Shoes - TESLA - 'Ziggy' Heels *Lucky*
Skin - NUT : Pistachio Pale - Date (not yet available)
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Green Hazel
Hair - Tiny Bird : Into My Arms - Hazelnut

Location: Sunny Sim