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16 February, 2014 - 01:39

My favourite Second Life stores: Distressed Textures

In this series on Bastet in Second Life I showcase my favourite Second Life stores. I introduce you with different types of stores. All the stores in this series have an inworld shop at the moment the post is written. Do you have suggestions for shops I should check out? Please leave a comment!

As the first My favourite Second Life store I present you Distressed Textures. The reason why I chose this shop to be the first one is it's one of first shops I visited after rezzing for the first time. Distressed Textures is also my go-to shop for textures for building.

My favourite Second Life stores: Distressed Textures

Distressed Textures is owned by Jewell Lamourfou. Jewell is a talented artist and it shows in her textures too. Her textures are very realistic, often created from her photography. I think her wooden textures are amongst the best I've seen in SL.

My favourite Second Life stores: Distressed Textures

In Distressed Textures you can find lots of different sort of textures. They include for instance lovely weathered building textures, from the previously mentioned wood to windows and bricks of all sorts. You can also find bundles of a whole package for building a pretty cottage. Additionally there are lots of different sorts of fabrics, papers, colourful packs of different sorts of surfaces and also some floral textures for creating plants.

My favourite Second Life stores: Distressed Textures

I have had a luck to communicate with Jewell a couple of times and she has been really nice. Oh and there's this "hidden" room in the store. More reasons to love Distressed, don't you think?

Visit Distressed Textures!

15 January, 2011 - 01:47

It's a whole new year

Dress - Ducknipple : Sonnet - LightBlue
Leggings - !Ohmai : Basics Sheer Leggings [NAVY]
Socks - [ bubble ] : Ska Checkers Socks
Shoes - [elikatira] : Flair Flats - Watermelon (SoM Gift)
Hair - TRUTH : Emily - beach
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin
Eyes - Kis Kis : Tru Eyes . Green

Pose : Olive Juice

Background : Distressed Textures

Second Life urls (SLurls)

3 January, 2011 - 00:36

New Surfaces! This time I made a bunch of romantic ground textures with beautiful blue, red or yellow roses and one with only rose leaves.

As usual, the textures are available inworld at Kis Kis (SLurl) (back of the store) and at Kis Kis store on Second Life Marketplace.

30 November, 2010 - 01:26


Top - ::humming:: : dotcamisole C (green)
Undertop - : Boatneck Tee (Brown)
Skirt - ::humming:: : woolcheckSkirt_red
Legwarmers - Kis Kis : Legwarmers For Zombies (ZombiePopcorn Hunt 3)
Shoes - magi take : sports sneaker [ navy ]
Hair - KUROTSUBAKI : hair_heart_7_brown
Hair accessory - Grixdale/Tyranny : Stumble - Ploom Zen Hair and Mouth pieces!
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin
Eyes - Kis Kis : Tru Eyes . Green

Poses : .Tea

Background : Distressed Textures


18 November, 2010 - 18:36

A couple of weeks ago Clementine from Awesome Blossom released mouth necklaces for ThanksGIVING 2010 Community Food Market. I had to get them.

Awesome fruits

(More pictures and all the credits in the full post.)

Awesome fruits

Community Food Market (SLurl) includes variety of items by SL creators. A percentage of the proceeds of the items created for the event are given to World Food Programme.

Top - PINK OUTFITTERS : Main St. Swing Jacket - midnight blue
Pants - PINK OUTFITTERS : A02 Painters Destroyed Denim (capri) - dark rinse
Shoes - +mocha+ : Felt Ballet Shoes [Blue] With Motif
Hair - Tiny Bird : I Want To Be Well - Sandy Blonde
Necklaces - Awesome Blossom : Tutti Frutti Strawberry Mouth Necklace and Tutti Frutti Lemon Mouth Necklace
Eyes - Kis Kis : Tru Eyes . Green
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin

Pose: Olive Juice

Background: Distressed Textures