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Stumblebum Brigade

21 December, 2010 - 23:27

The 3-pack of modifiable and transferable lace bodies wrapped in a gift box are available as Stumblebum Brigade exclusive item until Christmas. During the Christmas day the gift pack will be buried back to my inventory and the lace bodies will never ever be available again. And as these sexy yet stylish lace bodies are transferable, you can give them as a gift to your special someone.

20 November, 2010 - 03:28

Stumblebum Brigade is here again through November 20 - 26. This time I'm offering a very exclusive edition of not yet released Runo Skins.

Stumbling To Winter will not be ever again available after the event has ended. The pack contains 2 cleavage options and it's for only 250 L$. Free demo also available.

Take a taxi to Kis Kis.

24 October, 2010 - 01:58

So much new in Kis Kis!


Unisex Mr Pants . Argyle Brown are for 60 L only on Super-Bargain Saturday:

High Waist Skirt . Autumn is for 75 L only on Silent Lion Troupe, from now to Oct 30:

Bug Pillows are a Stumblebum Brigade exclusive and will be available only through Oct 23 - 29, after which they will be hidden back to my inventory:

SLurl: Kis Kis

18 October, 2010 - 18:14

These days Second Life is full of different sorts of shopping events. One of the most interesting shopping events is Stumblebum Brigade. Yes, I do take part on the event myself. But the actual thing why I really find this event so interesting is because all the participating stores are supposed to release an exclusive item which is available only through their turn on the event. And there are lots of handpicked quality stores taking part the stumbling.



The other similar event was Silent Lion Troupe. Yes, I said was, because after this month the event will end. It's a pity, but things change. This look was inspired by the cold weather that has hit my RL as well as these awesome Silent Lion Troupe and Stumblebum Brigade items, which should already be found in your inventory. If not, go check out if you can find them.


Top - Sassy Kitty Designs : Chunky Knit Pull Fall (Silent Lion Troupe)
Undertop - !Ohmai : Basics Loose Racerback [MAROON]
Pants - anuenue : SalopetteDenim(black)
Socks - [ bubble ] : Ska Checkers Socks
Shoes - TESLA : High Oxfords *Chocolate*
Hair - Shag : La Petite Mort - dark copper (Stumblebum Brigade)
Bracelet - [ bubble ] : Bone Clawed Bracelet
Eyes - Kis Kis : Hazel - Green Hazel
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin

Poses: don't freak out! (Stumblebum Brigade)


13 October, 2010 - 18:12


Top - Decoy : Serendipity Shirt - Red
Dress - "anuenue : AppleTdress-Yellow
Socks - Pig : Striped Socks Mit Suspenders - Pumpkin Pie
Shoes - TokiDoki : bow back shoes (stumblebum)
Hair - *mikan hair : Love mouse_black
Glasses - [ bubble ] : XL Dorky Glasses
Eyes - Kis Kis : Hazel - Green Hazel
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin

Leaf with pose: Olive Juice