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24 July, 2010 - 18:44

The Kis Kis HQ has been closed and will not return to Starlust. Hopefully I will have a new main in a couple of days or weeks on another sim, but during that time some items are for sale on Xstreet, ALBERO Men's, Oblonski stores and other temporary locations.

SLurl: Kis Kis @ ALBERO Men's
SLurl: Oblonski

Kis Kis items on Xstreet

And you can also request from me items that are listed on my site (see the section Kis Kis for the full listing), but not sold on any of the previously mentioned locations. Just pay the price mentioned on my site and send a nc containing your SL name and the full name of the item (or names of the items) you paid for. I'm on a vacation, so it may take a couple of days for me to send you the items.

28 June, 2010 - 00:37

Kis Kis, the store you used to know as NUT, has now a logo. Well, in a way it already had a logo. I had already made the basic logo (the text that says Kis Kis), but now I made one for search and to be used at the store. I wanted the new logo to be colorful, unique and to fit my image of handmade goods. Something that would pop up if one was doing the search and checking out the search images.

I consulted my friends at plurk and with their help (thank you all!) this is how the final logo turned out to be:

Kis Kis, the logo

You can see this logo also on the outer wall of Kis Kis at Starlust and hopefully soon on the search results. What do you think?

11 June, 2010 - 19:20

Almost all the NUT products are now listed and described (with posters) on this site. Just click the banners of different categories on the NUT page. Each description also includes the price of the product and SLurl straight to NUT @ Harold.

NUT page is still slightly under construction, but at least most of the info is there. Be patient, it will all come together. Also new items are due to surface during this weekend!

And a little friendly additional reminder: The sexy Stumblebum exclusives, All In Dark and All In Light will be gone for good by tomorrow.

10 May, 2010 - 19:07

80 L skins and shapes -- Rez Bastet

Want to be unique? But you aren't made of Lindens? Good news! I have decided to put the current skin and shape lines to rest. For a limited time (May 10-17) all the skins and shapes in NUT are available for only 80 L$.

After the May 17th they will be all gone for good. There's a good chance I'll launch a new skin line and a couple of new shapes sooner or later, but these are going out.

SLurl: NUT @ Harold

28 April, 2010 - 18:58

Marketing in Second Life is a funny animal. Sometimes it works as hoped, sometimes everything seems to go wrong. During this short time (since last November or something like that) I've had stores in-world I've seen marketing working and not working so well.

Word-of-mouth seems to be most effective way to promote your store, items or services on Second Life. The problem with word-of-mouth is that you must get the word out somehow first. For me the best ways have been the location of my first store (Starlust) and the group of the location, Dead Dolls of SL group, hunts and shopping events, such as Stumblebum Brigade. I have also got some promotion on blogs, which I'm very grateful for.

First of all I'll talk about hunts and shopping events: Especially hunts are great for the traffic and they can be good for your sales... Or not. The problem with hunts is that as they are usually about hunting for free items, most hunters are there solely for the freebies and they are not interested in buying anything. For a store owner and designer this may be a bit frustrating because the store rents still have to be paid and all the texture uploads cost a little. Not to mention all the time one has used to design and produce the items in store. However, as a side note, I have enjoyed taking part on hunts.

Shopping events may or may not work. I've taken part on some and some of them have been pretty good for my sales and some not so good. In my case I think the main problem is that my store is pretty unknown and many of the event shoppers skip it, as they don't know what to expect from my items. I think this way, because I do have recurring clients and I have got some pretty good feedback of my stuff and my store. So it cannot be only because my items are bad.

Sending updates to groups can also work. Or not. Some of the groups get lots of updates, so an update here and there can get lost in the flood. Sometimes someone congratulates me of something they think is a new thing, even if it's been going on for a while and I have been sending several notices about it. Group notices may get ignored for a reason or another. Once in a while a group notice I've sent has done it's work, so I do recommend using groups for promotion in SL.

Location is something that may prove to be important, especially for a new and unknown store. I'm pretty convinced that I wouldn't have any of the "name" I do right now if I hadn't got my first store on Harold, Starlust. Starlust is a busy community and I myself ended up visiting the sims through recommendation of a friend. And I have found many cute stores just by exploring the sims. When I first opened NUT I didn't have a wide network of influential friends on SL or I didn't know almost anyone who could have promoted my brand to potential clients. So my first clients were pretty much people who just happened to walk in my store. This way the location has been really big deal for me. If I had started on a less known sim or if I'd bought or rented an own sim someplace I wouldn't have even the small client base I do at the moment.

At the last thing on this blog post I must send a special thank you to all the people who have believed in me and my creations. My designs haven't been all over the blogs, but some awesome bloggers have promoted them and created some spikes on my sales and traffic. I also have some really special friends who have helped me and told me to keep my head high, even when I have had trouble on paying my SL rents and thought I should close the store all together. Even if running the store hasn't brought bread to my RL table, it has helped me to meet and friend some nice people I'm happy to know.