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24 July, 2011 - 02:32

Rainy Day Set at bastnut for Project Themeory

At countryside, where I'm originally from, the electricity could get cut off for so many reasons: If it was too windy, if there was too much snow on the lines or if there was a good thunderstorm. So when I think about rainstorms I think about sitting in the house having only the candlelight and maybe a glass of milk with me...

This week on Project Themeory I offer an exclusive Rainy Day Set for 75 L$ with some live looking candles, milk and gingerbreads and floor pillows with three sitting animations.


Green House is for 99 L$, both mod.copy (normally 549 L$) and transfer (normally 449 L$) versions to choose from on La Venta Eventa through the weekend.

All at Kis Kis: Second Life URL

9 July, 2011 - 15:28

Guy Shirts at bastnut

Kis Kis has joined a new event, La Venta Eventa. I'm offering these three brand new shirts for men* and they are available at my rebuilt main store.

So, what is La Venta Eventa? Here's some official info:

"A weekend sales event, running from Friday Night, 9pm till Sunday at midnight. Eleven categories, twenty designers (hopefully). Everything will be marked 100L or less, all weekend long!"

The stores participating includes such names as Intrigue Co., [ bubble ], Clutter, Grixdale, Entropy, RezIpsa Loc, Virtual Insanity, Crackberry, Heartsick, Razorblade Jacket, Little Boxes and much much more.

Join the group inworld (joiner can be found for instance in my store) to be on track of the event and all the awesome the participants.

* Ladies: Don't tell the guys, but we can also wear these shirts. ;)

18 June, 2011 - 20:48

Plaid summer shorts at bastnut

Finally new stuff in Kis Kis! A 3-pack of completely new unisex shorts is for 60L$ on Super-Bargain Saturday. After the event the shorts will be available separately for 125L$ each.

Check also the other SBS offers in these awesome stores (Second Life urls, aka SLurls):

LISP Bazaar
Kis Kis
.:* LOULOU&CO *:.
The sea Hole
::Para Designs::
Little Boxes
Berries Inc.

1 January, 2011 - 02:47

The new Leafshade Lamps are on Super-Bargain Saturday, this time through the weekend at Kis Kis (SLurl).

You can get this 3-pack of lamps for only 60 L$ and only this weekend. After the weekend the lamps will be available for 125 L$ each. The lamps are made of 3 prims, they are modifiable and copyable and they emit light.

This week on SBS (Second Life urls):

Kis Kis
Cheeky Pea
:: Awesome Blossom ::
Olive Juice

25 December, 2010 - 00:17

The Red Legwarmers are on Super-Bargain Saturday through now until Monday morning at Kis Kis (SLurl). Indeed this week's SBS goes on a bit longer for many of the stores participating (if not all), so that everyone will have time to get the bargain items.

The legwarmers are available as modifiable and copyable, but also gift packed modifiable and transferable. The pack includes two versions of the legwarmers. The red ones are for 60 L$ only through the weekend (normal price 115 L$). And btw, there's a free gift placed next to the SBS item.

Stores participating on Super-Bargain Saturday this weekend (SLurls):
Kis Kis
Cheeky Pea
:: Awesome Blossom ::
Thistle Homes
Little Boxes
TIK TOK~Body Care