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12 November, 2010 - 02:38

Even if there's a thunderstorm outside, all the cats are home, warm and safe... And even if my piece of land is still and again under construction, it worked as a setting for a new home from buttons.. I furnished and decorated the home with something new from Republica and something new and old from Oblonski, *KOPI*, +mocha+, Scribble, buttons. and Kis Kis. See the whole post for all the photos, prim counts and credits.

Thunder and lighting

cat's on the sofa - *KOPI* : BALI NECO_sofa_brown (3 prims)
radio - Metaversal Vintage Radio (working, from Oblonski) (1 prim)

Thunder and lighting

prefab - buttons. : 'the montebello' home (126 prims)

Thunder and lighting

bed - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 13 prims)
bedsite table - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 7 prims)
lamp - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 7 prims)
bench - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 3 prims)
wall decoration - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 1 prims)
wardrobe - +mocha+ : Wood Hanger Chest (8 prims)

Thunder and lighting

patio chair - buttons. : because, it's summery set {gsh item} (16 prims)
bathtub - Scribble : Bathtub (119 prims)

Thunder and lighting

sofa - Oblonski : Velvet sofa red (4 prims + 1 prim shadow)
violets - Oblonski : Potted Violets (2 prims)
pillows - Kis Kis

tea cart - Oblonski : Tea Time Set (part of, 16 prims)
tea tray - Oblonski : Tea Time Set (part of, 13 prims)

shopping bag - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 4 prims)
rug and potted plants - Kis Kis

bed - Oblonski : Bachelor's bed v.2 (13 prims)
trash - Oblonski : scattered dirty papers and junk (1 prim)

Thunder and lighting

book stack - Republica : Fall Into Sleep (SET) (part of, 1 prims)
muffin tray - Oblonski : Tea Time Set (part of, 11 prims)
cup of tea and a fresh muffin - Oblonski : Tea Time Set (part of, 7 prims)
globe - Oblonski : Atlas globe lamp (3 prims)
chair - Oblonski : CaptainsChair Antiques (12 prims)
bookshelf - Oblonski : Edelfelt Book Cabinet (13 prims)
photoboard, worktable and rug - Kis Kis


16 June, 2010 - 01:51

For a long time i didn't have much of a home in SL. Even when I already was renting a store space from Starlust I was loitering on a sky platform of my friend Yolanda's piece of land. In the beginning of this year I rented, with a couple of my fellow Finn friends (including Yo) a homestead. Since I now had a real home I decided to build a house that ended up becoming the quite popular Green House. I even furnished it, but never felt like hanging around there much. During this spring I decided I wouldn't have a home on the ground of my piece of land.

Feel like home

(More words, pictures and credits in the full post.)

Stacie Pryor, who is better known as a fashion blogger has built and released a very pretty get lost/get found skybox. And I was lucky enough to get it as a gift from her. Even if I know I most likely won't keep a "home" rezzed, I wanted to take a moment or two to furnish this cozy skybox. Just cause it's so adorable. I decided to throw in some of the furnitures and decorations I found from my messy inventory.

Feel like home

Feel like home

Feel like home

And when it comes to being lucky enough to get gifts, I felt really lucky during yesterday. Stacie happened not to be the only one drowning me into gifts. moonbubble Gothly, the designer behind [ bubble ] sent a flood of her creations to my direction and got me speechless by doing this. So I decided to make a pretty unusual look (well unusual for me) using some of moon's creations, some from others and some of my own designs.

Feel like home

Home shopping list***:
[SPRY] : get lost/get found skybox

BP* : Mattress/bed/4 pose/cotton6/2008-6
Olive Juice : Posey Pose Stepladder
Separate Sack : Your Mom's Table - SPECIAL EDITION (w/tablecloth)
nordari. : and.birds
Oblonski : Weathered Rocking chair
Oblonski : Velvet sofa red
Tyranny Designs : {Paper.Thoughts}
MudHoney : Shabby Heart Floor Lamp
Mary's Little Lamb : Zakka(POP)

NUT items:
Chives In A Pot
Fantasy Leaves In A Pot
Daisies In A Pot
Old Handmade Carpet (Olives)
Summer, Come Out (old Stumblebum exclusive)
Basic Bushy Grass (10 plants group)

On me:
Dress - NUT : Ice Cream Girl - Strawberry
Top - [ bubble ] : Unbuttoned Top Pink
Socks - [ bubble ] : Ska Checkers 3
Armwarmers - NUT : Armwarmers - Darkness
Collar - [ bubble ] : Pink Camo Collar
Necklace - [ bubble ] : Feathers and Bullet Necklace Silver
Shoes - [LeLutka] : Pow Pumps (Brown/Powder Blue)
Skin - NUT : The Skin 01 - Back To Basics
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Green Hazel
Hair - TRUTH : Vesper - driftwood
Glasses - [ bubble ] : XL Carnies Glasses

Poses: don't freak out!

[SPRY] get lost/get found skybox only available on XStreetSL

*** Some of the items are not available anymore, some were hunt gifts. Check the stores if they have similar items.