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Project Themeory

22 October, 2011 - 13:19

Ms Reaper at bastnut for Project Themeory

This time Project Themeory goes with a Weekend Of Fear. And for me the ultimate fear is the fear of death. So here comes Ms Reaper, a full costume (or avatar). Pack includes the dress (jacket layer, sculpt sleeves, flexi hem and sculpt hood), scythe with a simple holding pose*, a shape** and an alpha layer/skin combo*** to make you float headless in the air.

Available only through this weekend for 75 L$ at Kis Kis (SLurl). Modifiable and copyable.

* Want the scythe without the pose? Edit it, go to the contents tab and remove all the contents. Take it back to your inventory and wear. Just remember to take a copy of the original.
** You don't have to use the shape included, it's just there to make your life easier.
*** Wear the alpha layer and the skin together for the best results. Alpha layer requires a viewer with alpha support.

24 July, 2011 - 02:32

Rainy Day Set at bastnut for Project Themeory

At countryside, where I'm originally from, the electricity could get cut off for so many reasons: If it was too windy, if there was too much snow on the lines or if there was a good thunderstorm. So when I think about rainstorms I think about sitting in the house having only the candlelight and maybe a glass of milk with me...

This week on Project Themeory I offer an exclusive Rainy Day Set for 75 L$ with some live looking candles, milk and gingerbreads and floor pillows with three sitting animations.


Green House is for 99 L$, both mod.copy (normally 549 L$) and transfer (normally 449 L$) versions to choose from on La Venta Eventa through the weekend.

All at Kis Kis: Second Life URL

15 June, 2011 - 16:26

Ready or not...

Top - ::humming:: : dotcamisole C (yellow)
Shorts - NoaR : Check short pants *pink
Shoes - magi take : sports sneaker [ red ]
Cat ears - >(O.o) Glasses - [ bubble ] : Vintage Glasses (SLurl)
Tie - [ bubble ] Emily Tie V3 (a group gift) (SLurl)
Hair - - Amelia.2 - Jealous Red
Skin - Kis Kis non-released skin
Eyes - Kis Kis : Tru Eyes . Green

Pose and guns : Olive Juice (old Project Themeory) (SLurl)

SLurls are given for gifts and review copies. Check out the list of other Second Life urls (SLurls).

24 April, 2011 - 00:42

Project Themeory is here again! This time the theme is Easter. For me easter means the Spring is here and therefore I created the Spring Flowers Grasses (3-pack) and Potted Spring Flowers Grasses (3-pack) to celebrate this time of a year. Both packs are for 75 L$ only through April 23-29.

I hand painted the grasses with water colors, after which I scanned them and did some magic with Photoshop. Very unique indeed and these can really be called handmade. Oh and they are copyable and modifiable. I hope you enjoy them!

The both 3-packs are right there on the porch of Kis Kis (Second Life url). The grasses and potted grasses are also there as demos.

26 February, 2011 - 01:46

Kis Kis is participating Project Themeory for the first time this week and the theme is 2011, I will make a statement. Make a statement with these fun recycled pants! They will be available for 75 L$ only through February 26 - March 4 and not after it ever again.