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28 June, 2010 - 00:37

Kis Kis, the store you used to know as NUT, has now a logo. Well, in a way it already had a logo. I had already made the basic logo (the text that says Kis Kis), but now I made one for search and to be used at the store. I wanted the new logo to be colorful, unique and to fit my image of handmade goods. Something that would pop up if one was doing the search and checking out the search images.

I consulted my friends at plurk and with their help (thank you all!) this is how the final logo turned out to be:

Kis Kis, the logo

You can see this logo also on the outer wall of Kis Kis at Starlust and hopefully soon on the search results. What do you think?

2 June, 2010 - 04:50

When I first joined Second Life I didn't use much time with thinking what I should be called. I didn't think I'd stay that long. And when I got hooked up, it didn't feel right to make a new avatar, so Bastet stuck. And it is a bit of a joke, cause my friends have been calling me a Webgoddess for a very long time and cause I was sort of half raised by a cat (at least he tried very hard).

I've been struggling to work out a new logo for a month or so. Finally I decided to discard all the old ideas, get a new font and google around a little bit for inspiration. This is when I stumbled upon the fact that Nut, like Bastet (or Bast), is an Egyptian goddess. Her name translates to night and she was originally the goddess of the nighttime sky. The rest was easy.

The new logo is all black and white. It's simple, cause that's how I like it to be. Representing the Egyptian theme, there's a little star for the nighttime sky. As I pointed out on my previous post, I'm working on new posters and vendors. You can still find the old logo in my store and on the search, but this new one will be there soon.

NUT logo

So, what do you think?