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16 July, 2010 - 15:57

The International Fashion Week 2010, aka IFW10, produced by GLANCE International Agency (GIA) was launched yesterday.

IFW10 Sneak Peak #2

(More and credits in full text)

On this second post about the IFW10 event I take a closer look to AlaFolie from which I received some very pretty and very ladylike outfits. In these pictures I have also used my favorite PurpleMoon runway hair, Lea.

IFW10 Sneak Peak #2

LAURA is a lovely outfit for both formal and little less formal events. The full pack apparently includes a shorter version too, but here you can see the long one. The gown looks like something a fine lady would wear at the evening after a hot day, somewhere South. Actually I feel like it should come with a turban of some sort. The pack comes with shoes (similar as the ones seen on the next outfit), several jewelry (some shown in the pictures) and bandau, a headband.

IFW10 Sneak Peak #2

NUIT D'ETE (Summer Night) is a perfect little outfit to wear later the night, maybe for more informal festivities. The flexi dress moves a lot, so it seems great for a spin of salsa. This outfit comes with high heeled shoes as well.

Check out these and many other beautiful items at IFW10 (SLurl).

Look #1:
Gown and jewelry - AlaFolie : LAURA
Hair - PurpleMoon Creations : Lea in Gold (Runway Hair)

Look #2:
Dress and shoes - AlaFolie : NUIT D'ETE
Hair - PurpleMoon Creations : Lea in Copper (Runway Hair)

Other items: Skin : Kis Kis (not yet released) . Eyes : Kis Kis . Poses : don't freak out, Olive Juice

See also IFW10 Sneak Peak #1.

15 July, 2010 - 19:07

The International Fashion Week 2010, aka IFW10, produced by GLANCE International Agency (GIA) will launch later today. I had a chance to take a little sneak peak to some of the fashion items available at the event.

The 20 featured fashion designers at the event include Hyper Culture, Convoitise, Mea Culpa, Indyra Originals, Ranena Olivier Couture (ROC), A La Folie, Aleida, Angel Dessous, Orage Creations, KIM Fashion, Nefertiti Kimagawa, Son!a, MIAMAI, Faster Pussycat, SHIKI Design, JADOR Fashion, Naive, SwanSong, G. Sloane Couture and PurpleMoon Creations.

IFW10 Sneak Peak #1

(More and credits in the full text.)

On this first post about the event I'm taking a good look at some of the beautiful items from PurpleMoon. It is unusual to see me in more formal fashion looks. Honestly speaking I have been pretty much ignoring the formal style in SL and it took me by surprise to see how beautiful and detailed these gowns actually are.

IFW10 Sneak Peak #1

Sunshine, seen here in Green & Brown, is probably closer to my usual style. In it's simple style I could see myself wearing the dress in both formal and informal events, even in everyday use. The dress includes the basic dress and a sheer dress to be worn over the basic one (see the first picture). This makes it flexible and modifiable for different sorts of looks. The hairdo is an interesting and unique runway hair called Kay, which you can see here in Ebony.

IFW10 Sneak Peak #1

Lois, presented in Teal has more imposing look. The outfit includes a hat, which is not shown in these pictures and there's a "tail" part for the dress that can be left out to make the gown slightly more humble in it's style. The runway hair Lea, worn here in Chocolate is going to be filed as one of my favorite hairdos so far. It is rather crazy and extravaganza which makes it pretty much perfect.

Check out these and many other beautiful items at IFW10 (SLurl).

Look #1:
Gown - PurpleMoon Creations : Sunshine in Green & Brown
Hair - PurpleMoon Creations : Kay in Ebony (Runway Hair)

Look #2:
Gown - PurpleMoon Creations : Lois in Teal
Hair - PurpleMoon Creations : Lea in Chocolate (Runway Hair)

Other items: Skin : Kis Kis (not yet released) . Eyes : Kis Kis . Poses : Olive Juice, flowey,, Olive Juice

1 June, 2010 - 18:50

Yesterday the talented and supercute Anya Ohmai posted these fabulous pictures on her Flickr Lookbook. Her style is something that I cannot compete with (nor I would even try) and I was blown away by the beautiful hair from booN.

I wanted that hair and I wanted it bad.So bad I left to hunt for it without even having time to put some shoes on. When I arrived the store I soon realized I was going to be broke. After trying some other awesome hairdos I took off with this pointy piece of art.


(Credits and more pictures after the break)

Soon I will go back and get some more, if for no other reason, then at least to be worn on the new NUT ads and vendor posters. Yes, I'm working on them and there will be (hopefully) soon a section on this site with pictures and details of all my designs. Meanwhile, enjoy my new, dark and rather posh look.


Top - PixelDolls : Lace Net Top . Rust
Pants - Zaara : Ishaya Velour slacks *espresso*
Scarf - [LeeZu!] : Miss Mara Scarf /ethno mauve
Shoes - TESLA : Marie *ChocolateCaramel* Heels
Skin - NUT : The Skin 01 - Back To Basics (not yet available)
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Chocolat
Hair - booN : ANT213 hair chocolate

Poses: Olive Juice