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26 February, 2012 - 01:00

Let it rain!

Dress - BeBe DoLL (SLurl)
Necklace - Caroline's Jewelry (SLurl)
Shoes - Sweet Antidote
Hair - lamb
Ears - Illusions
Eyeliners - Acid & Mala Creations (SLurl)
Eyes, skin - bastnut
Pose - !bang (SLurl)

Bushes, grass, wooden cart, rain - bastnut (SLurl)

Location - My home

SLurls are given for promotional copies, gifts and such. More SLurls here.

24 April, 2011 - 00:42

Project Themeory is here again! This time the theme is Easter. For me easter means the Spring is here and therefore I created the Spring Flowers Grasses (3-pack) and Potted Spring Flowers Grasses (3-pack) to celebrate this time of a year. Both packs are for 75 L$ only through April 23-29.

I hand painted the grasses with water colors, after which I scanned them and did some magic with Photoshop. Very unique indeed and these can really be called handmade. Oh and they are copyable and modifiable. I hope you enjoy them!

The both 3-packs are right there on the porch of Kis Kis (Second Life url). The grasses and potted grasses are also there as demos.

4 October, 2010 - 00:19

Aya Liotta from - abode - has created a new home called Rico. The house consists of 252 prims and has 2 bedrooms and a kitchen (or extra bedroom). Because Rico is so very detailed and beautiful I decided to let the pictures do the most talking. See all the pics after the jump.

Rico by - abode -

Rico by - abode -

Rico by - abode -

Rico by - abode -

Rico by - abode -

Rico by - abode -

House: - abode - : Rico

Birches : Heart Garden Centre - Heart-VR-products - Silver Birch Tree - Saplings
Kis Kis items: Flower Field Grass, Red Flowers In Grass, Summer Grass, Basic Bush, Seamless Waterside Stone (texture and sculpt), Seamless Darker Moss (texture and sculpt)


2 October, 2010 - 14:51

Some new stuffs have landed the Kis Kis mothership at Meow. The Super-Bargain Saturday is back and the special pre-release two pack of plants in pots is waiting for you for only 60 L$. And I'm filling in on Stumblebum Brigade this week with a special pre-release limited time edition of the upcoming High Waist Skirt.

22 June, 2010 - 04:28

Lately I've felt I should make some changes. The sales of my store have been low (even worse than usual) and there was an incident considering the name of the store. Because I don't want to be mixed with an unpleasant person I decided it is time to change the name and do some rebranding. In order to create some room for new items (such as the skins I've been making) I'm working on getting a bigger store with more prims. To help my rebranding efforts I'm creating a little garden to my home. Plan is to use it as a background for new ads.


(More and credits in the full post.)


At the moment the garden looks like in these pictures. There may or may not be changes to it in time, but I'm rather happy with how my little piece of paradise looks like. There's lots of my own creations there. Some of them aren't for sale yet, but no worries, I will release them soon enough. See the list below the pics for for details of where the stuff in my garden are from. Remember to check the stores on the SLurls list. If a store is not on it, I haven't found it inworld. If there are mistakes on the list, please let me know.



Oblonski - *Oblonski* Potted Violets
Heart Garden Centre - Heart-VR-products - Silver Birch Tree - Saplings
CREATIVE FANTASY - Strawberry Plants( 8 plant group)ONLY 1 PRIM!
Green and Wild - G&W Bullrushes thin group 4 prim
Ground texture is most likely from CREATIVE FANTASY

Items made by me:
Rainbow Lights, Daisies In A Pot, Chives In A Pot, White Candles (big + small), Flower Field Grass, Red Flowers In Grass, Summer Grass, Basic Bush, Yellow Flowers In Grass (10 plants group), Simple Market Cart, Seamless Waterside Stone (texture and sculpt), Seamless Darker Moss (texture and sculpt), Laituri (Pier)

On me:
Top - This is a Fawn : Peter Pan Blouse [aubergine]
Pants - NINIKO : Dot pants
Armwarmers - NUT : Armwarmers - Darkness
Hair - Cake : Sunday - Copper Hair
Hairband - Slow Kitchen : hippie_band(warm_color)

Poses: don't freak out! and Olive Juice

Items made by me:
Shoes : School Girl Flats - Branch (Gacha item) . Manicure : French Manicure (Blood) . Skin : The Skin 04 - Back To Basics . Eyes : Hazel - Chocolate