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26 February, 2011 - 15:32

Simple Stripes Shirt Ad

The brand new Simple Stripes Shirts are for 60L$ on Super-Bargain Saturday at Kis Kis. Get any of the vibrant colors or all of them! The price will go to normal after Saturday. The shirts are waiting right there on the porch.

This week's SBS list (Second Life urls):
Cheeky Pea
Little Boxes
MONS Skins
Kis Kis
Acide & Mala
::Para Designs::

Please check the Super-Bargain Saturday group (joiner found in every participating store) for the most recent store and LM list.

26 February, 2011 - 01:46

Kis Kis is participating Project Themeory for the first time this week and the theme is 2011, I will make a statement. Make a statement with these fun recycled pants! They will be available for 75 L$ only through February 26 - March 4 and not after it ever again.

12 February, 2011 - 18:12

Speaking of customer service, I had made a silly mistake: The I Love SL Fashion Hunt item from Kis Kis was set for sale for 10L when it was of course supposed to be free. I noticed the mixup today and set the item for 0L as it should've been from start. I have also at least tried to pay everyone back their 10L.

If you had bought the hunt item for 10L earlier and didn't receive the refunding, please send me a notecard with the transaction info of the purchase and I will of course pay you back. And if you skipped my store cause the item was 10L earlier, please come back for the free gift. It's on the same place as earlier... I'm very sorry about any inconvenience this might have caused and I never meant to rip anyone off!

11 February, 2011 - 02:11

I Love SL Fashion Hunt is on... -- Rez Bastet

I Love SL Fashion Hunt has been on since February 5. Come to Kis Kis and collect the special preview of upcoming pants. If you need help with hunts, by all means check out this quick "tutorial" on hunting I created some time ago.

A little update: ::Star Struk Hunt:: has been postponed for now. Check the official site for more info. And was there something else? Of course, the hint for the I Love SL Fashion Hunt: Oh no, my pretty face!

4 February, 2011 - 19:19

::Star Struk Hunt:: starts today and will continue until February 25. You can find the Starlight made exclusively for the hunt hidden in Kis Kis. For more info, see the official site of ::Star Struk Hunt::.

If you need some help with hunting, check out my quick "tutorial" About hunts and how to find stuffs. Oh and there's a hint, of course! I spy with my little eye... A beam and stars.

More hunts coming as soon as tomorrow. Remember to see all the hunts listed on the sidebar of Kis Kis, Bang Bang blog.

As non-related news: If you happen to have Kis Kis store on your picks, please tp to the store and update the location, because Meow sim has moved slightly on the grid. The old landmarks and Second Life urls still work, but the move has broken the picks. I'm looking for ways to award those of you who have added Kis Kis to your picks. Thank you so much for your support!

The hunt has been postponed for now. Check back for more info...