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23 April, 2010 - 04:02

I know there's people who don't like the fact that I use my own items on my fashion blog posts. However I do wear my own items so it would be kind of silly not to showcase them as well as other designer's items. And the fact is I do run a small business in SL. Even if it doesn't bring food to my table, it is a business and business needs promotion.

Now before you start to scream that there's no SLurls, check this whole post again. I provide the SLurls as an alphabetical list so I can easily try and fix them if I find out a store has moved (or doesn't exist anymore. This is not just better for me, but it's also better for you in case you happen to wander to this post later. Shops tend to move or vanish pretty fast. But bare in mind, if a SLurl on my list doesn't work, I will be very very unhappy if you come and yell to me about it (but I'll be cool if you make me aware of the mistake in a polite way).

Besides the fact that this is my first "look post", this is a special post since the Beautiful Bloom Designers Event will end today, April 23th (yep, it's Friday here already). So here we go (details follow):


Dress - NUT : Bloom Dress (Light Green) (Beautiful Bloom)
Leggings - NUT : Long Leggings (Strawberry)
Shoes - ARMIDI : Vidalia Pump - FuiFui Turquoise
Skin - NUT : Pistachio Pale Light Brows - Date (not yet available)
Eyes - NUT : Hazel - Green Hazel
Hair - barberyumyum (DB*yumyum) : 18/brown
Glasses - [ bubble ] : XL Dorky Glasses

Pose and flowers: Olive Juice (Beautiful Bloom)

Skybox: NUT : Atelier Skybox