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Albero Summer Gatcha Festival

9 July, 2010 - 02:29

You know how sometimes you buy a piece of clothing and then you feel like you have to build a whole outfit around it? Today it's A-BOMB's turn on Silent Lion Troupe and the shoes were too cute to resist. And since I didn't seem to have anything girly enough to fit with the look, I went for a shopping spree. Miniature shopping spree, but a spree nevertheless.

Blue eyes

(More and credits in the full post.)

If you don't know what Silent Lion Troupe is all about, here's the description:

There are seven days in a week. Why restrict a group's special sale to one day? In SLT, we've decided to set it up a bit differently. As it stands, each designer will release an exclusive item once (or twice, if they would like) per month, set for sale for L$75 for one day only.

The theme for July is WHITE.

Blue eyes

To complete the outfit I bought this cute dress from Tiny Bird and after some serious hair search I decided to use something I already had in my inventory. The hair from seemed to need something extra this time and I went to the ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival to get myself the Tiny Bird headband. So girly!

Blue eyes

Dress - Tiny Bird : St Augustine Dress - White
Shoes - A-BOMB : Silent Lion Troupe wedges
Hair - : Brande.2 - Happy Blond
Headband - Tiny Bird : Baby Blue Ribbon Headband Gatcha
Glasses - [bubble] XL Dorky Glasses

Poses: don't freak out!

Skin and eyes by me.


7 July, 2010 - 18:56

Today is my rezday. To celebrate that I offer all the prefabs, Old Handmade Carpets, Art Tees (in store at Harold) and Ice Cream Girl dresses for -50% off their normal prices! The sale is on until Saturday, July 10, so come now!

Summer Gatcha Festival has been launched today at Albero. Kis Kis is taking part on it with two colorful unisex items, Swirly Shorts and Art Tee - Swirls And Rounds. They are transferable so you can also give your friends nice gifts (shorts' cuffs have a resize script). Try and get the whole series!

Art Tee - Swirls And Rounds (unisex)

Swirly Shorts (unisex)

ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival July 7 - August 11

Join the fun at ALBERO Event Park!