Illustration of two webcomic characters both wearing glasses, a tall guy with long curly hair as a low bun wearing a woolly shirt and black pants, and a short guy with short spiky hair wearing black clothes by Mervi Emilia Eskelinen
A tiny webcomic of life, art and overthinking

4 panel black and white comic. 1: "Getting back on it after a long break is scary" Person wearing helmet stands by a bike. 2: "It can be easy, even a huge success" Person rides the bike with hands in the air and exclaims: "Look! No hands!" 3: "Or go horribly wrong" Person is on the ground in an awkward position with the bike laying partially on their head and says: "...ow..." 4: "So you just must decide if it's forth it" Person is back standing by the bike and there's an arrow pointing the bike with words "This bike is a metaphor"

Like riding a bike