A quick announcement about my newsletter

Before the pandemic hit, or maybe around that time, I made a huge deal about starting a new email list, "Dreaming out loud". And then things went... well, you know how things went. So many things have happened and somehow it's now four years later.

During this time I have restarted my YouTube channel and changed things a lot at Patreon. And now Patreon has given the opportunity to share posts restricted to free members only or to all members, including free ones.

Which has moved me to make a decision: For now I will only share newsletters with my Patreon members, or Patrons. This includes the free members. So if you aren't ready to join as a paid member, you can join for free and access my monthly newsletters and sometimes free gifts.

In case you are interested, my paid options include monthly Art Workshop, free art downloads and bonus videos or articles, depending on the tier you choose. You can learn more about my Patreon stuffs on a dedicated page.

If you were on my email list, that list has been deleted. Please join at Patreon for newsletters and stuffs from now on!

Mervi Eskelinen

Hello, I'm Mervi!

An artist, nerd and business sorcerer, dedicated to make world more beautiful and strange with art, illustrations and logos + to help you figure your sustainable business out.

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