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Vacation mode

1 August, 2015 - 01:09

Due to July being "the vacation month" and my spouse having and actual real vacation, I have been somewhat offline through the month. Well, not completely, but kind of on and off, not so much on. Being self employed I don't have that much of a vacation myself. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depends on how you take it) the last part of the month I didn't have anything to do, since everyone else were out of the office. So I took that time as a sort of a vacation, ready to work, but mainly just not. We've been going to see some movies, hanging around the city of Helsinki and being. Oh, and I've been running too. Time well spent!

Vacation mode

Dress - BELLE EPOQUE / Lavea Alter (SLurl)
Shoes - [ bubble ] / moonbubble Gothly (SLurl)
Collar - insanya / Tatyana Ultsch (SLurl)
Hair - Magika / Sabina Gully
Skin, eyes - bastnut / Bastet Hazelnut (Marketplace)
Radio + pose - !bang / Luna Jubilee (Marketplace)

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