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Party on!

31 January, 2015 - 00:44

My RL alt is not a party person. I don't really remember the last time I attended an actual party in my real life. Maybe it was my friend's wedding party year and a half ago. Not that I'm a huge party goer in SL either, but inworld parties are so much easier. And hey, there I have the clothing to go too. Sometimes I dream of being a party person. I dream of being social, more outgoing. But being an introvert parties and socialising just seems so much work and stress. It's better for me in Second Life.

Party on!

Dress - NYU / NyuNyu Kimono
Leggings - insanya / Tatyana Ultsch (SLurl)
Shoes - / Darling Monday
Hair - Magika / Sabina Gully
Neckerchief - DRIFT / Kallisto Destiny
Heart clutch - Lark / Sienia Trevellion
Bangle - BALACLAVA!! / Uriah Eulenberg
Skin, eyes - bastnut / Bastet Hazelnut (Marketplace)
Pose - !bang / Luna Jubilee

Star Doodle Brushes - Mervi Emilia (Web store)

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