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Huge hair and something new

30 September, 2014 - 01:00

I made some big changes to all the sites here at and took that opportunity to freshen up things here at my SL blog. As part of the freshening up I made a new theme, slightly based on the previous one. And I created a new header "logo" for the blog too. This time with a snapshot of myself, sitting pretty, wearing only a huge hair and tights I've made.

This was a pretty drastic technical change to the blog so some old things work in new ways. You may or may not notice the difference. And as usual with these freshening up jobs, I'm still working on some bugs and glitches. If you do notice something not working, please let me know so I can fix it!

Huge hair and something new

Tights, skin, eyes - bastnut / Bastet Hazelnut (Marketplace)
Hair - Magika / Sabina Gully
Pose - Olive Juice / Isabellagrace Baroque

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