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A regular cat lady

9 March, 2014 - 02:48

A regular cat lady (Veronica, KittyCatS Russian - Black 3T in Second Life)

About a month ago my friend Yolanda gave me one of the KittyCatS she had bred. The cat, 2T American Shorthair - Cream & White Tabby boy I named Pixel was at first on the pet food mode for a week or so. After reading about breeding these cats I gave in to my curiosity and bought Pixel a girlfriend, 3T with Genesis - Smokey III fur I named Bit. And at that point I was sold and in trouble. The next day I stumbled upon a sale in an inworld store and bought a pair and then another pair.

Now these kitties have made their own kitties. Actually I'm on the second round, latest was born today. The first three I kept and what to do with this new one I haven't quite decided. My first kitty was Pixel's and Bit's little Russian - Black 3T girl named Veronica. She got her name from Veronica Mars, which we were rewatching at the time, and perhaps The Double Life of Véronique, which is my favourite movie. She's the one pictured above. If you squint you'll see my boy Zero behind her.

The latest addition to my collection is a collectible, St. Patrick's Day 2014 - Lucky Boy! over a 3T Genesis - Smokey III. He's a funny looking one. I haven't unboxed him, since I'm not sure if I'll keep him or sell him. Decisions, decisions! I'll decided when I see the next two, which are due tomorrow.

I'm hooked. Breeding these kitties is so much fun. It's exciting to try and find out what sort of recessive traits my cats have and to see what sort of interesting kittens come out.

Do you have breedables in Second Life or have previous experience on them? What do you think about KittyCatS and other breedables in SL? Do tell in the comments section!

I have opened a store selling some of the KittyCatS I've bred: Bastet's Kittens at Second Life Marketplace