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Let's have a photoshoot!

9 February, 2014 - 01:55

I've been rebuilding my home and bastnut homebase in SL. That's why the blog has been so quiet lately. Not RL this time, but SL. I've been creating some mesh items and they will be for sale soonish.

Besides all the building and meshing around I adopted a kitty cat. My friend got herself a couple of breedable cats and they had popped out this cute little boy cat. I've named him Pixel, thought it was appropriate. The cat is rather dangerous since I can spend lots of time just seeing what he does and how he does it. Also I get a strange case of bad feeling when I don't entertain Pixel enough. Hmm. Have you seen Her (2013) already? I did, reminded me of my kitty.

Nevertheless I decided to stop by and show a cute dress I found from FLF the other week and the [ bubble ] group gift leggings that also come with matching tops. I'll show the tops on another post in a day or two. Enjoy!

Let's have a photoshoot!

Dress - DRIFT / Kallisto Destiny
Leggings - [ bubble ] / moonbubble Gothly (SLurl)
Hair - DB*yumyum / toraji Voom
Mesh feet - NOYA / NOYA
Skin, eyes - bastnut / Bastet Hazelnut (Marketplace)
Pose - flowey / Flutter Memel

SLurls or Marketplace links are given for promotional copies, gifts and such. More SLurls and Marketplace links on Shop and go SL -list.

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[...] About a month ago my friend Yolanda gave me one of the KittyCatS she had bred. The cat, 2T American Shorthair - Cream & White Tabby boy I named Pixel was at first on the pet food mode for a week or so. After reading about breeding these cats I gave in to my curiosity and bought Pixel a girlfriend, 3T with Genesis - Smokey III fur I named Bit. And at that point I was sold and in trouble. The next day I stumbled upon a sale in an inworld store and bought a pair and then another pair. [...]