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Why so serious?

23 October, 2011 - 14:19

I've been playing loads of Glitch since I tried it on Friday and it has made me realize something: I've lost the joy of Second Life.

I used to feel SL gives me chance of being whoever and doing whatever I want. But all the work with the store and this little fashion blogging thing I've had going on has made it all so serious. My RL is serious enough, why make SL serious too?

I've fell into this cave of doing what I think other's might like me to do. I tend to think what certain rude people might say about my event items. And this all is keeping me from enjoying the whole thing.

So from now on I have decided to care a less if some uptight blogger doesn't like my creations or if anyone reads this blog or not. I'll just do what I like or better yet, what I like. If that doesn't suit someone, it's their problem, not mine.

Btw, this may lead to some serious rebranding. You've been warned.