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Linden Lab customer service is a joke

11 February, 2011 - 23:36

One thing Linden Lab most definitely sucks at is customer service. We all know that. Last September I forgot the password for one of my alt accounts. And since the security questions are well... Not a secure way to provide password security, I had written a security question answer which wouldn't be easy for everyone to guess. Unfortunately I had forgot this one too.

Because the password resetting system on Second Life website has been made too complicated (and yet it's not secure), email wasn't sufficient enough and the answer to the security question was needed. After a couple of tries I ran out of luck and the account was locked. No more guessing, no more getting into the account. The only way seemed to be calling to a foreign number (I'm from Finland, so no support for us), which sounded like a too expensive deal. So I opened a support case. I didn't have my hopes up, since I had heard the customer service is quite non-existing. And for a long time it seemed like there would not be any sort of an answer for my little case.

Today the case had finally received an answer. I was being told to check out the official password security wiki page and especially the Password Reset Tips on the bottom of the page: "You can also change your password. You'll need to know your security question answer and have a valid email address on the account." Oh hey, that helps! Umm... But... No.

I've already moved along and created new alt accounts for the reasons I had created this one. I had actually forgot the whole thing. So why am I now so frustrated and angry? For two reasons: 1. Getting the "answer" took half a year. 2. The nice person who I'm not going to name this time obviously didn't read my support case message before copy pasting* the answer. At all. I really feel like filing a support case for the lack of support.

* It was clear this is a general password resetting related case answer. It even has the words "I feel your pain" on it. Feel my pain... Seriously?!

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Anonymous Coward, on , said:

Just a few thoughts:

Obviously customer service needs to be valued against cost of the service: if average SL user buys under $10 per month, you don't get customer service for that amount. Or are you saying you should be an exception because you use more?

You can write you passwords down.

Security questions are are meant to be questions where you need to know the answer, not remember it - like mother's maiden name. Why did you put in a question you didn't know answer to?

You really think security questions are not secure but your email adress is? Or how would you want to them to be sure it's really you?

Nothing personal, just a few thoughts.

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Bastet, on , said:

Thank you for your input Anonymous Coward. The problem about the security question is I didn't know it would be used in this way (that they would FIRST send an email and THEN I should have the answer; usually the security questions are used in a very different ways and I am quite frankly against them). And you are so right, I shouldn't have forgot the password in the first case. But as you may know it happens. Especially when one has many different accounts in many different services and doesn't use the same password to all of them.

However that wasn't the point. The main point was I received an answer to my question from which was clear the person answering my case hadn't read my support message. It was frustrating. And bad customer service.

Basically if the organization provides customer service it shouldn't be about how much an average customer spends in a month. Customer service is in many cases the only way customer has contact on the organization. I'm not saying customer is always right, I'm saying customer should always be listened (and in my case they didn't). I never said I should get better service than anyone else, I said the service is crappy in general.

As the customer service has affect on how people see the service in general, bad service like this makes Second Life look over all bad. Frankly I would have been happier if I'd never received an answer or if they had answered they can't do anything to this case. Anything else than the obvious: "Yeah, we didn't really read your message."

Of course I was just voicing my initial frustration here, which is cool since this is my blog. Not that many reads my blog, and LL had a bad reputation of customer service to start with, so this is just one of the silent sighs in the mass. So no harm done, I'm sure. Besides, they kinda asked for it. ;)