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So shoe me!

14 November, 2010 - 23:42

At least in one way I'm a stereotypical woman: I have a thing for shoes. Not a fetish thing, but rather I enjoy how pretty shoes can be and how they can make my feet, legs and the whole me look pretty too.

So shoe me!

(Close ups and credits on the full post.)

The problem about it is that when I see blog posts like the GIA Style Card//Tiburon Ankle Boots I just have to get the shoes on them. With these it took me a moment to decide which color to choose (well I almost got them all, just almost), until I went for the earthy Pavana. You may see me trotting around wearing these shoes a lot.

So shoe me!

The background on the close ups is from Distressed Textures. Jewell has a new site and has started blogging very recently. As you may know, I have used her textures on my prefabs as well as on my new store building. Exited to see what is to come on the blog! By the way, check out more blogs and other interesting SL related links.

So shoe me!

Dress - +KiiToS!!+ : antique dress with lace *Navy*
Shoes - YourSkin & YourShape : Tiburon Ankle Boots Pavana
Hair - !Ohmai : Narin {yummy MOCHA}
Skin - Kis Kis, unreleased skin
Eyes - Kis Kis : Tru Eyes . Green

Poses - !BANG


7 comments for "So shoe me!"

Maretch Waffle's picture

ooh pretty look! love it :D <33333

Bastet's picture
Bastet, on , said:

Thank you! I'm veeery happy with it myself.

KawaiiNicole's picture

Cute!!! *steals your shoes and runs*

Ashe Anthony's picture

Very cute look! I love how the dress compliments the boots, along with the braided hair :)

Bastet's picture
Bastet, on , said:

Noooo Nicole!

Ashe: I had to think a while how to make the rest of the look compliment and not to be completely outshined by the shoes.

Thank you ladies for nice comments!

meila solo's picture

those shoes are hot and you look great as usual!

Bastet's picture
Bastet, on , said:

Thank you (you look better though). :)