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10 October, 2010 - 22:09

My RL family has always been active and enthusiastic with creating all sorts of things. Because of this I have grown up with a couple of dollhouses and even made some dollhouse items myself. Many of the furniture creators in SL have accomplished to create this feeling of a dollhouse which I really love. Recently Kat Alderson sent me a nice fatpack of very beautiful and rather low prim Clutter items. Some of them are being released tomorrow, most have been released during the past month. The following pictures feature these as well as some other items I hauled together from my inventory. The full credits are at the end of the post.





Clutter items:
Clutter Burlington collection - a full bathroom suite
Clutter Haledon collection - a table and chairs set for two, table chair and a centerpiece
Clutter Mission Chair
Clutter Wind River Lantern
Clutter Group Gift (October 3 - October 10)

Other items:
Olive Juice- Into The Woods Stool
*Oblonski*Bachelor’s bed v.2
Tyranny D. {Scrap Booking}

Kis Kis items:
Atelier Skybox
Easel . Green Wood
Old Handmade Rug
Summertime Photoboard (old Stumblebum exclusive)
Memoryboard (old Stumblebum exclusive)
Fantasy Leaves In A Pot
Autumn Flowers In A Pot
Last Flowers In A Pot

See also the Clutter site.


Pst. I will tell what I was wearing in the next post!

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Meila Solo's picture

I love your home! Can I live under your bed? I will make sure the sock monster doesn't get to you!♥

Bastet's picture
Bastet, on , said:

Anytime! <3

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