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Kis Kis needs new home

19 August, 2010 - 17:22

So as you may remember, my main store was closed in July. Since I've been on a vacation and a bit bummed about the whole situation I haven't yet found a new main for Kis Kis.

Now I've decided to really work on this, since there have been some questions about when Kis Kis will be back. What I need is 300-500 prims, depending on the price, since I'm on a budget. The store space should provide enough room for all my different product categories. Being able to build my own store and edit the terrain a bit would be great, but I take other suggestions too. So if you know a nice sim with some available space and prims for my main, IM me inworld (I get the offline IM's on my email).

Meanwhile, check out the Kis Kis products. Some of them are right now available inworld and some on Xstreet:

Oblonski (The Bride, a ghost haunts this store)

Thank you!