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You spin me right round

1 July, 2010 - 23:19

First of all: I saw The A-Team today. It was silly kind of fun and the title of this post was inspired by Murdock (Sharlto Copley) singing the song on a certain point of the flick. As I am now entertained and on a good mood, I thought I should entertain you with a bit of a sexy side of Bastet.

You spin me right round

(More spinning with credits on the full post.)

Last week candy Enoch, the owner of a piece of candy dropped me this very small dress as a thank you for a little help I gave her. What a lovely way to say thank you! The dress is for sale for only 50 L$ on L.O.W Letter Of the Week sale and the sale will end after tomorrow, so hurry.

You spin me right round

Speaking of hurrying, another week of Stumblebum Brigade is coming to end also after tomorrow. After that the special blonde hairs at lamb will be gone for good, as well as the skin I have for sale (not featured on this post).

You spin me right round

Dress - a piece of candy : xana
Shoes - *G FIeld* : Ribbon Slingback Shoes -lime-
Hair - !lamb. Exclusive Blonde Color - Breeze (Stumblebum exclusive; pack includes also the hair Say in the same exclusive color)
Necklace - Swallowtail : Jupiter Long Necklace Green

Poses: don't freak out!

Items from Kis Kis:
Skin : The Skin 01 C - Back to Basics . Eyes : Hazel - Green Hazel


Butterflies n Trails Brushes by Obsidian Dawn.

2 comments for "You spin me right round"

Poppy Panache's picture

omg that hair looks so cute on you. hey...i put you on my blogroll..would u mind putting me on yours?? ill love you forever and ever and ever......
i hope you dont mind me asking that...i hope its not rude or anything...just trying to network and all ..:)

Bastet's picture
Bastet, on , said:

Thank you and I do agree. I love the color a lot. And I'm thinking about getting that hair in some other colors, like a brown pack or something.

You are on my blogroll, it just shows the last 20 updated ones and for some reason your blog doesn't have a title (my blogroll gets the titles from the blog's rss/atom feed). I may be changing to another sort of system, cause this one is a bit clumsy, but for now it works like that. <3