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Subscription group gift

3 July, 2010 - 04:31

Kis Kis update group gift in July

This month Kis Kis offers a pair of unique UNISEX pants for subscribers. The cuffs have a resize script, so they can be resized to fit your legs, no matter what your size is.

Hope you enjoy the gift! I think it's pretty cool.

Other items in pic . Hair : lamb . Poses : don't freak out! . Top/Skin/Eyes : Kis Kis . Shape : My personal shape, will never be for sale

PS. Please don't be a douche, subscribe and then immediately unsubscribe just in order to get the gift. The gift is a thank you for subscribing, not a thank you for being oh-so-wise. It's unfair for the people who actually subscribe to the group that you with your "my IMs cap" want to just steal the gift. And besides, you will miss some other awesome gifts later this month.