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Stumblebum and Super-Bargain

17 July, 2010 - 17:09

Summertime Photoboard for Stumblebum Brigade July 17 - 23

This pretty photoboard is available only as a Stumblebum Brigade exclusive during July 17 - 23. The photoboard is only 5 prims and you can replace the photos on it with your own ones. This photoboard will not be available ever again after the event has ended!

Red Flowers In Grass - 60 L for Super-Bargain Saturday

Super-Bargain Saturday is back as Clem from Awesome Blossom brought it back. Still no news from Halina, we all hope she is okay. So this week I put out a new release, Red Flowers In Grass and it's available for only 60L and only today. There's also the last weeks Super-Bargain item, since last week there was no official list available and only a few of you got the unisex pants.

And this is not the ending of the news. The men's section of ALBERO will be launched today. And Kis Kis has a small cart there. More info about that later!