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Rezday Sale and ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival

7 July, 2010 - 18:56

Today is my rezday. To celebrate that I offer all the prefabs, Old Handmade Carpets, Art Tees (in store at Harold) and Ice Cream Girl dresses for -50% off their normal prices! The sale is on until Saturday, July 10, so come now!

Summer Gatcha Festival has been launched today at Albero. Kis Kis is taking part on it with two colorful unisex items, Swirly Shorts and Art Tee - Swirls And Rounds. They are transferable so you can also give your friends nice gifts (shorts' cuffs have a resize script). Try and get the whole series!

Art Tee - Swirls And Rounds (unisex)

Swirly Shorts (unisex)

ALBERO Summer Gatcha Festival July 7 - August 11

Join the fun at ALBERO Event Park!