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Artemis is a n00b

7 July, 2010 - 01:17

July 7 is my official rezday. That's the day I created Bastet thinking I would just do the thing I'm supposed to for a course in my university and then I wouldn't ever log in again. Yes, that's what I thought. The first appearance of Bastet was... Well not pretty. Someone in one of those help islands threw me a pack of stuff to make my avatar look a bit less like a n00b, though now I'm pretty sure it just got worse. A couple of days ago the Newbie Style Challenge started to create some fuzz on plurk. I wanted to give it a try and Artemis was born.

Artemis is a n00b

(More pics, info and credits in full post.)

I knew there is some things available for new avatars only and therefore I created Artemis. One of the places a new Second Life user (as well as an older one) should check is The Gnubie Store. There's lots of free or 1L items made by quality designers. And the Artemis Shape is now available in Kis Kis for anyone who wants it. Here comes Artemis. Isn't she cute?

Artemis is a n00b

Artemis is a n00b

Top - !Ohmai : Basics Boyfriend Racerback BLANK (free)
Pants - Artilleri : pants from fererra outfit (1L for new avatars from The Gnubie Store)
Belt - : Wide Waist.Belt (Sour.Apple) (free)
Shoes - TESLA : 'Elise2' Mary Jane Heels (free)
Scarf - *COCO* : Gift_Scarf (from free for group members, membership free)
Hair - Kin : (Freebie)goggleshairgirl-[brown] (free)
Bracelet - *COCO* : Gift_GemBracelet (free for group members, membership free)
Lashes - RazzaNova : Eyelashes - Dramatic and girly (part of a 2L pack with eyes and 2 lashes)
Skin - Imagen : Lia - Este - Natural (free for new avatars)
Eyes - Ibanez : Ibanez Freebie Green Eyes (free)
Shape - Kis Kis : Artemis Shape (1L)

Poses: aDORKable & Olive Juice (all free)


2 comments for "Artemis is a n00b"

Vaki's picture

Oh my god, I /love/ your hair! I hadn't seen that before! Also, I love that you're even using free poses. This looks great!

Bastet's picture
Bastet, on , said:

Thank you so very much!

I hadn't seen the hair myself before, someone recommended me to check out the freebie pack at Kin. There's some other cute hair in the pack too, so I actually got it for myself (Bastet that is) too. I wanted to make it all free (or cheapie). Actually Artemis even has a free AO, E. Watkins - Free AO II (Female) from E. Watkins Premier Equestrian Supplies, I just forgot to mention that.