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Kis Kis and Stumblebum Brigade

26 June, 2010 - 16:54

NUT is now Kis Kis. And What a NUT! is now Kis Kis, Bang Bang. If you have this blog on your blogroll or something, please change the link (unless you have just used my name on the link). The store is in it's old place as well as this site. Please be patient, the change is a bit slow, some of the items have the old name on them for a while and so forth.

Kis Kis is once again on Stumblebum Brigade. This time I wanted to offer a bit of a preview of my new very unique skin line**. The new Stumblebum exclusive skins come in two different skin tones (light and a bit darker one) and it will be available only today through July 2. Both skin tones come with very special price tag. And when I say special price tag, I mean it's a bargain. And there are two cleavage options included in both packs.

The Skin - Midsummer for Stumblebum Brigade June 26 - July 2

Take the taxi to Kis Kis and get yourself a new unique style.

** These skins are handmade by yours truly. I haven't used any templates doing these skins since I have this obsession of making stuff myself. I have used some photosources which I bought from Renderosity ( If needed I can provide more info about which photosources I used. I don't copy other designer's creations, cause I think that's just incredibly boring. This all makes my skins also very unique.