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Summer, Come Out and FAH

15 May, 2010 - 03:36

Summer, Come Out and FAH -- Rez Bastet

This weekend and following week is going to be busy in NUT headquarters.

The Fallen Angel Hunt (or FAH) will take over May 15 - June 30. The theme of the hunt is Darkness Within. In my opinion fears are a big darkness than comes within all of us and one of mine (I have a bunch) is a fear of closed spaces. Therefore I present the Claustrophobia Skybox. It's footprint is 7 x 7 meters, it's made of 6 prims and it's dark and doesn't even have windows. The skybox includes an optional 2 prim lightbulb that goes on and off by touch. And as it is a hunt gift, it's for free.

Summer, Come Out and FAH -- Rez Bastet

Stumblebum Brigade is here again (I think it's the 5th time for NUT). This time Stumblebum exclusive is another funky decoration. Summer, Come Out is a copyable and modifiable cupboard, with grass and dandelions. And the dandelions emit dandelion seeds (the script is non-modifiable). How cute is that? The cupboard textures are very unique, since they are made of the photos I took a couple of weeks ago. The dandelion and grass brushes are by

The Summer, Come Out cupboard is for sale only through May 15 - 21, after which it will be gone and will not be for sale ever again!

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