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What's going on?

21 April, 2010 - 17:16

I am on the process of making this site actually working, informative, fun and nutty.

In this blog I will write about anything and everything that has something to do with my experiences on Second Life. This will include fashion blogging, posts about new and old NUT items and services and rants about anything else I can think about. I may even reflect how running a business in Second Life has been for me and also give my opinions and advice for anyone who is thinking about starting or has just started business on Second Life.

Besides the blog this site will include info about me (Second Life avatar Bastet Hazelnut) as well as my Second Life store NUT and the items and services I provide. I will also list some of my favorite stores and links to other Second Life blogs and sites.

The whole layout of this site will change as soon as I will have time to create the new look. Now I just try and make the whole thing functional.

I hope I will see you around and you will enjoy my randomness (cause that's what this all will be).

And please visit my stores and my XStreet:
SLurl: NUT @ Harold, Starlust
SLurl: NUT @ Sweet Cyanide District
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