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Albero Primavera & Art Fair

29 April, 2010 - 03:29

Albero Primavera & Art Fair -- Rez Bastet

Through March 20 - June 1 you can visit the NUT cart at Albero Primavera & Art Fair. The cart is packed with some exclusive items that will be gone for good after the fair has ended.

In the cart you can find fair exclusive and artsy versions of Ladies Tees, Boyfriend Pants (unisex). In addition there are two Spring Dresses, that are completely unique for this event. You will also find items such as flexi hay and flowery grass, a light that is made in a style of a blooming cherry branch, three sorts of plants in pots and a cute paper decoration. And if there wasn't enough items already, there's a very exclusive skin and shape pack for all the fairies (demo available).

Come and see the NUT cart and get yourself all those exclusives before they are gone!