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Thank you for sponsoring Bastet in Second Life. Please read all the info about advertising on this site. If you are looking for the info on getting your items displayed on blog posts, see Review Policies.

Advertising how to

Send an email to (or notecard to Bastet Hazelnut) and the full payment (see pricing below) to Bastet Hazelnut.

Include the email/notecard:
Your SL name
Your SL business/store name OR the full name of the site you want to advertise (this will be used as the link hover text)
Your SLurl OR Marketplace url OR website url
Transaction info of your payment

The email must include the previous info or your ad will not be featured on Bastet in Second Life blog. Remember to send the payment to Bastet Hazelnut first.

Advertisement requirements

Your image of 125 x 125 px (jpeg, gif or png). The image is linked either to the SLurl OR Marketplace url OR the website url provided on the email. Email the image to

Sample of an ad:
Sample ad

Advertisement pricing

7 days: 800 L$
14 days: 1500 L$
30 days: 2800 L$
60 days: 5400 L$

This is what you will get

  • All banner ads appear on the right column of Bastet in Second Life blog and are rotated randomly via page refresh.
  • There are 6 banner ad places available.
  • The site is responsive and therefore on the most narrow mobile versions the ads appear below the content.
  • 30 days packs: You will also get one Tweet per advertisement month on bastnut Twitter feed, a linked post from bastnut Facebook page and a linked post on bastnut Google+ page.

Important notes

The ads are placed first come first served bases after your payment has been confirmed. You will receive an email with info about when your ad will be active and it's expiration date.

If you need to update your ad image, SLurl or url, please email the new info and the image to

Please be clear to pay the correct price (see pricing above) and make sure to include all the required info.

If using an animated gif, please do not make your ad too flickery, it will only annoy your customers. The ad may not include full frontal nudity or explicit sexual content.

Cancelling advertisement and refunds: Refunds are handled case by case. Prorating will apply and refunds will be adjusted to the closest applicable time frame. Ad campaigns are minimum length of 7 days the minimum length campaigns are not being refunded.