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Bastet Hazelnut in Second Life

I am a Second Life avatar called Bastet Hazelnut, designer, builder and owner of the brand Bastet H. More info about Bastet H and my designs.

I blog here about stuff that interests me in Second Life and sometimes I may mention RL too. The pictures are also available at Flickr. If you are interested in getting your designs blogged, see the review policies for more info. If you'd like to advertise on this blog/site, see more info about advertising.

  • I joined SL in summer of 2009 and started to create things very early on.
  • In real life I'm a brand and web designer, blogger and social media and marketing nerd and have over a 10 year long history of web design. I also have a fancy title of Bachelor of Culture and Arts.
  • I blog about fashion, builds and other designs by my fellow creators and Second Life in general. Sometimes I post short tutorials.
  • My brand Bastet H is the home of handmade quality virtual world designs and builds.
  • My avatar is small. I'm small in real life too.
  • I'm from Finland and not native in English. So please, forgive my mistakes.
  • I am usually very friendly.
  • I like creating things, making a fuzz about myself and I have a quirky sense of humour.
  • I also like to take and modify pictures. You can see some of them on Flickr.
  • I do custom and customised builds, designs, marketing and can help you with shopping. Please read more info if you are interested.

For additional info about this site, it's content and commenting, please see About this site.

Review Policies

Please send all the promotional/review copies to Bastet Hazelnut, if not stated otherwise!

If I request a promotional/review copy, I will blog it during the next 2 months. If you notice your item was not blogged during this time, please contact me! The pictures are uploaded to Flickr and are there viewable by everyone.

Additionally the posts are usually shared on Bastet H page on Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and Google+.

Unsolicited review copies may or may not be blogged. They are considered as gifts. I have no reason to trash talk about anyone or their creations and if I don't like it I won't blog it. I do know the difference between constructive criticism and being rude.

Gifts and promotional copies include a SLurl or a Marketplace link. Other SLurls are listed on a separate page and I try and keep the list up to date. Please let me know if you notice any outdated or missing SLurls on the list.

Please include at least the LM to your store (or url to your web store) in the pack. You may also include other info, such as url to your store blog.